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We aim at capacity building such as sharing knowledge and technology transfer.


How geospatial information and related technologies are utilized to share disaster related information and disaster risk information.

Concept Note


25-27 February 2020


International Conference Hall, JICA Global Plaza, Tokyo

Draft agenda as of 8 January 2020 (PDF)

DAY 1 Tuesday 25 February 2020: Seminar (all day)

  1. Opening & Welcome Address
  2. Keynote Lecture 1
  3. Session 1 Contribution of Geodesy and Geospatial Information to Disaster Risk Reduction
  4. Keynote Lecture 2
  5. Session 2 Utilization of Geospatial Information by Stakeholders of Disaster Risk Reduction
  6. Session 3 Disaster Response and Building Resilience using Geospatial Information

Welcome reception

DAY 2 Wednesday 26 February 2020: Seminar (am) and Exercise (pm)

  1. Session 4 Geospatial Technology against Disasters
  2. Wrap-up - Conclusive Words -

Scenario-based Exercise on Web-based Disaster Information Sharing

DAY 3 Thursday 27 February 2020: Technical Tour (all day)

The Technical Tour is for the employees of governments and internatioal organizations only.


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