We aim at capacity building such as sharing knowledge and technology transfer.


How geospatial information and related technologies are utilized to share disaster related information and disaster risk information.


25-27 February 2020


International Conference Hall, JICA Global Plaza, Tokyo

Draft agenda as of 2 December 2019 (PDF)

DAY 1 Tuesday 25 February 2020: Seminar (all day)

  1. Opening & Welcome Address
  2. Keynote Lecture
  3. Session 1 Contribution of Geodesy and Geospatial Information to Disaster Risk Reduction
  4. Session 2 Utilization of Geospatial Information by Stakeholders of Disaster Risk Reduction
  5. Session 3 Geospatial Technology against Disasters

Welcome reception

DAY 2 Wednesday 26 February 2020: Seminar (am) and Exercise (pm)

  1. Session 4 Disaster Response and Building Resilience using Geospatial Information
  2. Wrap-up - Conclusive Words -

Scenario-based Exercise on Web-based Disaster Information Sharing

DAY 3 Thursday 27 February 2020: Technical Tour (all day)

The Technical Tour is for the employees of governments and internatioal organizations only.


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